What is TPMS 2.0?

TPMS 2.0 is a new standard for commercial Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS). It was created to help commercial fleet owners understand the difference between the older TPMS 1.0 solutions and the new, telematics connected TPMS 2.0 solutions.

TPMS 1.0 solutions have excellent use in the owner operator and Recreational Vehicle space but are not particularly useful for larger commercial fleets. This is because of the fact that they are very limited to doing anything other than turning on a light on the dash to alert the driver of a pressure issue with one of the tires. Providing the driver with visibility of a low tire is good but it does not meet the needs of commercial fleet managers who require more information to properly manage and maintain their tire assets.

TPMS 2.0 solutions do much more than simply alert the driver. The core competency of TPMS 2.0 is the ability to do more with the tire data by capturing it, storing it in a database and then analyzing it. Once the tire data is stored into the database it can be analyzed in many ways that include enabling the fleet to improve its tire maintenance, select the right tires for its operation, reduce its tire-related costs, and improve its safety. The specifics of all the features that this new technology can deliver can be found on the TPMS 2.0 Functional Specifications page.

TPMS 2.0 Vendors

Below is a list of companies that carry TPMS 2.0 certified products. Please contact them by clicking on their names in the list below and visiting their websites.

TireStamp Inc.

TPMS 2.0 Certification

If you are a TPMS company and you would like to be considered for TPMS 2.0 certification please download and fill out the TPMS 2.0 Compliancy Application form which can be found HERE (Microsoft Word format). Once you have completed the document you can email it to us at the email address on the form. Someone from the TPMS 2.0 standards panel will contact you shortly.